I am walking around the Tokyo. Tokyo is very crowded city. Many people walk fast. I think, the people are very busy. In shibuya, lot of things to do. I can go to Tower record, It is the larger building by sell the record, booke. etc

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paragrah 1

I watched movie ‘Kung fu Panda’ It was really fun. My favorite character is ‘Paw’. ‘Paw’ is main characther. He was just fat panda. He selected a legendary warrior ,but he was silly

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My favorite musician

My favorite group is UV
UV is Duo. One is famous korea comedian Seyoon
The other is musician Muzi.
There are very funny. Why?
One reason is there music video is very fun.
like No cool sorry, Itaewon freedom.
There ar comedy group, but music is also good.
Nowadays, There song ‘Itaewon freedom’ is vey
hot. The song ‘Itaewon freedom’ kind of 80’s song style. like a halerm desire by london boys.
And this music video is hommage of ‘halerm desire’
It looks very similar.

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long time no see

Want travel country?
I want all around…
only 3?
I want go to america

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21th in March

I happened many things in Monday.
I had a psychology test
The test name is ‘MBTI’
It has many questions.
And, lunch
I met my new teacher in book club.
Her major is German education.
We talked a lot of things.
Travel, book, life. and etc.
After dinner, I met Euna and Songhwa in coffee shop
We had fun time.
After drank cofee, We eat to go to the
Makchang, It was cow’s stomache
like a sausage.
I drank too much.
When I back to domitory
I fell asleep quickly

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My second weekend in March

Friday night, I will go to Jjimjil bang with my friends.
And we will eat the eggs, sikhyes, etc……
Back to my home, I will go to dance academy to meet my teacher.
He went to Paris to attend the event.
The event name was ‘juste debout’
Anyway, I will practice my dance
It will my saturday plan

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last friday

I was sick. actually terrible headache.
N I went hospital.
I had a MRI n emphathology(I could’t remember this word…)
N I went home sleep alldays.

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